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Will you be running candidates in 2020?

Our first priority is to obtain 67,000 members in order to become a Qualified Party.  After that goal is accomplished the Common Sense Party will seek to identify candidates for local offices such as school boards, city councils, and county supervisors as well as targeted state legislative races.  We will consider supporting Common Sense Party candidates and No Party Preference candidates.  We will also consider supporting Common Sense Democrats and Common Sense Republicans who may be part of the traditional parties and who embrace Common Sense perspectives.  The Common Sense Party will look to support candidates, initiatives and policies  that minimize political partisanship in favor of beneficial long-term decision making.

How are you different from the Democratic and Republican Parties?

Both established parties have ossified. Each insists on a rigid adherence to a set of views, when most Californians value independence of thought. Our party embraces the competition of ideas and encourages different perspectives in the pursuit of better governance.

Third parties take strength away from the established party to which they are closest ideologically. Why won’t you do the same?

California’s nonpartisan primary makes all the difference. A third party can have the effect described when its candidate is on the November ballot with a Democratic and a Republican candidate. But that’s not possible in California.  If a Common Sense Party candidate makes it to November in California, she or he will be matched up against one opponent. We believe the Common Sense Party candidate will then win, drawing from supporters of the Democratic or Republican candidate who did not make it to the finals, plus the 28.3% of the electorate (using statewide numbers) who are No Party Preference.  We also expect to draw voters registered as Democrat and Republican who do not support the increasingly extreme left or right candidates promulgated by the major party system.

Are you targeting the members of the American Independent Party?

The LA Times reported that three quarters of Californians registered in the American Independent Party thought they were registering as independents; when they are actually registered in the party formed in 1968 by George Wallace, the segregationist and infamous Governor of Alabama. We believe many of these mis-registered voters will find the Common Sense Party attractive.

What will you do if you don’t get enough California voters to re-register in time for the 2020 elections?

We’ll keep working at it. The Secretary of State’s office has told us that they will keep track of those who have re-registered, and keep a running total for whenever we eventually do hit the 67,000 needed.

Will you support candidates and representatives within the established parties?

Yes. We hope to be a force within both Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as creating a home for those who don't want to affiliate with either of them.

Are you aiming at the national level as well?

We are 100% focused on California for the foreseeable future. We are aware of national third party movements and do not take a position on any of them.

How are you different from the Libertarian or Green Parties?

Rather than focusing on a single-issue such as environmental protection or eliminating government as some minor parties do, the Common Sense Party seeks to include a variety of perspectives and ideologies by developing policy positions rooted in practicality, data-based decision making, long-term impacts, civility, and Common Sense.