Ashley Bogan

Ashley Bogan


California is a top state with plentiful assets - so why are businesses and residents alike fleeing? To ensure California's future as an ideal place to live, work and play, the state's political viewpoints have to adjust to meet the needs of its people. I feel passionately that the Common Sense Party serves in the best interest of the greatest amount of Californians, and has the ability to be a paradigm-shifting example for the rest of the nation.


A Sacramento native, Ashley Bogan is a seasoned communications professional with over a decade of experience in branding, marketing, organizational behavior and public relations. She joined the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation in 2017 as the Chief Communications Officer after managing communications for the Tulsa Regional Tourism brands. Ashley has a unique background in sports communications with a consulting client roster that features some of the nation's top brands, including ESPN, Spotify, Nickelodeon, Spike TV, NFL Network and Yahoo Sports.

After graduating cum laude from the University of Southern California in 2009, Ashley gained experience from major national sporting events and marketing campaigns including the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, NBA All Star Weekend, BCS National Championship, NCAA March Madness, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards, Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, ESPN This is SportSCenter commercials, Monday Night Football and more.