The Common Sense Catalogue
of California Nonsense

What I Learned When I Ran for Governor of Massachusetts

Danielle Allen

American voters are hungry for common sense and purpose. Republicans and Democrats are giving them strife and division instead.


Regulators deny irrigation water needed to produce food, when the country needs it most

Daniel Keppen

"The regulators’ performance is unacceptable and should be embarrassing to federal decision-makers.”


Hypocritical Statement

Ray Moors

In an official notice from the state of California is printed the most hypocritical statement ever made on the planet.


Ineffective Budget Controls

David M. Walker

Both the federal government and many state governments need budget reforms to prevent the continued mortgaging of the future. This is critical if we want our future to be better than our past.


The California Common Sense Party believes California has become a land of nonsense. You don't have to look far to find numerous examples of laws, regulations and government decisions by California that are true headscratchers. As the Common Sense Party, we thought it would be of value to start collecting examples in this, The Common Sense Catalogue of Nonsense. If you'd like to submit an example, click here:

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