A New Kind of Political Organization

California's political system keeps a majority of voters from being heard.
Our party is responsible, open, and inclusive.
Above all, we're committed to unrigging the system so that voters, not parties, are in control.
Once we hit the 67,000 member threshold, we can bring competition (and common sense) back to California.


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Approximately 61% of Californians think a third party is needed.


Almost 59% of young voters reject the two-party duopoly.

Our Principles

Responsible. Open. Inclusive. We believe in a government that allows all Californians to achieve personal and economic success. Our policy will be defined by our growing membership.


Why Form a Party?

From member communications, ballot access, and fundraising, the major political parties have written laws that give them an advantage over everyday voters.

We're flipping the script. By forming a political party dedicated to representing independent-minded voters, we can beat them at their own game.

Member Communications

The parties can spend unlimited amounts of money to support establishment-approved candidates that will further the national party's agenda.

We need candidates that will put California voters before party politics. We will use member communications to support common sense candidates willing to stand up to the leadership in both parties.

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Ballot Access

The major parties have rules that give their candidates and voters special access to the endorsement process and the ballot box.

Non-establishment candidates, and the voters who support them, are sidelined.

As part of our long-term strategy, we are setting out to be the first party ever to conduct a fully open primary for candidates and voters, as the California constitution requires.

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Most voters have heard of campaign finance limits. But few people know all the ways political parties can get around contribution limits to give candidates who are loyal to the party a significant financial advantage.

We will flip the script on campaign finance laws by supporting candidates that want to reform our elections, not rig them.

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The Problem

California is a one-party state, effectively eliminating diversity and competition of ideas. This results in bad policy and a lack of representation for a majority of Californians.


According to the Public Policy Institute of California, 61% of Californians agree that the Republican and Democratic Parties do such a poor job of representing them that a third party is necessary.

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Demographic change and Republican collapse have led to a Democratic super-majority in California. That means there is no viable check or balance in California’s government.

The result is a monopoly government that is accountable to party leadership, not the people.

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Party politics aims to polarize and divide voters instead of addressing common sense solutions.

This growing divide has led to ineffective government and policy that doesn't represent the will of the voters.

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